Can I Take Mucinex and Sudafed at the Same Time?

A person can take Mucinex and Sudafed at the same time; according to, there are no interactions between the two medications, but it is always important for individuals who are planning on taking the medications together to consult with a professional pharmacist. Mucinex is classified as an expectorant and is used to treat coughs and bronchitis. Sudafed is a decongestant medication that is designed to treat congestion of the nasal passages.

BJC Health Care explains that Mucinex can be taken at the same time as Sudafed, but it is important for individuals with high blood pressure to consult with a physician prior to taking any nasal decongestant as decongestants can raise blood pressure. BJC Health Care advises patients to consume Mucinex products with a substantial amount of water in order to minimize the thickness of mucus secretions.

According to Web MD, Sudafed can cause harmful interactions when combined with caffeine, dextroamphetamine, herbal products, such as ephedra, and bronchodilators, such as albuterol and terbutaline. Pseudoephedrine can minimize the effectiveness of blood pressure medications. Individuals should also consult with their physicians before starting or stopping any prescription medications while taking pseudoephedrine products. Taking MAO inhibitors, such as phenelzine and moclobemide, can cause a serious interaction. In most cases, individuals taking MAO inhibitors should stop taking the medication at least two weeks prior to taking Sudafed.