Can Moles Be Cut Off?


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Some types of moles can be cut off by a doctor, but moles should never be cut off at home, according to WebMD. A doctor uses surgical scissors or a scalpel to cut off and shave a mole so that it is flush with the skin. However, because some moles have cells that are found below the surface of the skin, a deeper cut is sometimes necessary to prevent the mole from recurring, and the patient may need stitches afterward.

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Moles can also be treated by freezing them off. To do this, doctors use liquid nitrogen in a spray or swab on the mole. This procedure may leave behind a small blister that usually heals up on its own.

Burning the mole off is also an option that a doctor can offer. During this procedure, the doctor uses a wire heated by an electrical current to burn off the top layers of the skin. This procedure may require more than one treatment for complete removal. Because it can cause some discomfort, an anesthetic to numb the area being treated is usually provided beforehand. A bandage on the area is usually all that is needed to control bleeding. These same procedures are also used for removing skin tags.

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