How Can You Minimize Your Recovery Time From Hip Surgery?


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To minimize recovery time after hip replacement surgery, it is crucial for patients to keep a strict physical therapy regimen for six weeks after arriving home, according to Sutter Health. These exercises, as recommended by the recovery team, help the joint heal efficiently and quickly.

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How Can You Minimize Your Recovery Time From Hip Surgery?
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Patients who faithfully adhere to a full physical therapy regimen have been shown to recover in shorter periods of time than those who don't, asserts Sutter Health. Physical therapy exercises aid in healing the joints, but they also help strengthen the muscles around the joint and lessen the growth of scar tissue that can lead to more chronic discomfort. The health care provider and physical therapist also advise the patient on the type of weight-bearing activities that are best for recovery and what activities should be avoided.

For patients who have had traditional posterior hip replacement therapy, other precautions should be taken for a quick recovery, warns Sutter Health. Patients need to avoid bending at the waist at angles that bring the knees and the torso closer than 90 degrees. Such actions include often thoughtless movements such as bending from the waist to pick up something from the floor while standing or sitting, or reaching down to grab the covers from the lower half of the bed. These actions can inadvertently cause the unhealed joint to pop out.

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