How Can Men Get Rid of Love Handles?


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Performing sledgehammer overhead strikes, running planks, deadlifts, hanging leg raises, battle rope waves and Russian twists as part of a high-intensity training exercise regimen gets rid of love handles. Other exercises to include in the regimen are box jumps, two-handed kettlebell swings, kneeling vacuums and jumping burpees. The exercises should be combined with a clean diet to produce the best results.

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Sledgehammer overhead strikes are done in three sets of 20 repetitions each. The exercise is performed by placing the left hand on the end of a sledgehammer handle while placing the right hand near the head of the hammer. The sledgehammer is raised above the head and over the right shoulder, then swung down towards the center of a tire.

Running strikes are done in four 30-second repetitions. The exercise is done by performing a plank while lying facedown on a mat with the feet together. The hips are then lifted up off the ground while the forearms and toes support the body's weight. The spine must remain in a neutral position during the exercise while the body's core remains tightened.

Deadlifts are done in four sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. The exercise is performed by standing with a bar over the center of the feet using an overhand hold. The feet should be slightly less than shoulder-width apart. The shins must touch the bar when the knees are bent. The bar is then pulled towards the body as it is rolled over the knees and thighs until the hips and knees are locked into place.

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