How Can Men Lower Their PSA Score?


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Abstaining from sex for two days before testing, staying off the bicycle, avoiding urologic procedures, and skipping hormonal medications such as testosterone can lower PSA levels in men, notes the Dallas Morning News. Some herbal mixtures, drugs for enlarged prostate, statins and thiazide diuretics can also lower PSA numbers.

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How Can Men Lower Their PSA Score?
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Some factors that are beyond immediate control include prostate infections, older age and a history of enlargement in the prostate, according to the Dallas Morning News. All three of those can drive PSA numbers up. Ejaculation can boost levels, and the pressure that a bicycle seat places on the prostate can also drive up the levels of PSA.

Undergoing a digital rectal exam or other urologic procedure can elevate the count, as stated by the Dallas Morning News. However, a number of herbal mixtures can bring the scores down. It is important to review herbal supplements with a physician before starting them. Drugs such as Propecia, Avodart and Proscar, which treat urinary issues or enlarged prostate, can also bring PSA numbers down. With all of this said, there is no consensus, as of 2015, as to whether PSA count has much to do with the risk of prostate cancer, which makes regular screening a continued priority.

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