Can Men Contract Group B Strep?

Group B Strep can affect men, but it is more serious in newborns, as stated by CDC. The condition usually affects the intestines and the lower genital tracts. It is usually harmless in adults, but it can lead to dangerous conditions in adults who suffer from chronic health problems, such as liver disease and diabetes.

In adults, the condition can lead to pneumonia, bone and joint infections, bloodstream infections and skin infections. It can also cause meningitis in adults, but this is in rare cases. A person who is healthy does not need to do anything about the condition, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

The main cause of the condition in adults is unknown, according to the CDC. Most people usually carry the bacteria in their bodies. It may stay in the body of a person forever or it may appear and disappear.

Men can have group B strep in the bowel, bladder, throat or rectum, according to the CDC. It most cases, there may be no symptoms related to the condition. In some cases, it might lead to urinary tract infections or other infections, which requires medical condition. Group B strep can be treated using penicillin and other antibiotics, as stated by CDC.