Where Can I Find Medical Photos of Specific Diseases?


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The Public Health Image Library is a search-enabled database of images relating to specific diseases maintained by the Centers for Disease Control. The PHIL collection includes medical photographs, illustrations, videos and images from additional sources, such as microscopy and medical scans. WebMD has a collection of images of common medical conditions and conditions related to them.

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The PHIL database contains free, print-quality images that are useful for diagnosis and illustration of disease outcomes and symptoms for medical professionals, according to the CDC. Most PHIL images are also legal for public use, although there are some exceptions. PHIL often includes images that show the symptoms of a disease, detailed images of its causative organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, and documents that describe its symptoms and treatment options for both professional and consumer audiences. Each item in the PHIL database is also assigned a unique identification number to enable easy retrieval of specific images.

Slide shows of disease-related images provided by WebMD both contain information about a specific disease and similar symptoms caused by different diseases, demonstrating their signs, causes and treatments. Collections of related disease symptoms, such as skin rashes, can be helpful in identifying possible causes of a particular symptom.

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