Where Can You Get Free Medical Advice From a Doctor Online?

You can obtain free medial advice online from professional doctors at sites such as ZocDoc.com, EHealthForum.com, WebMD.com and MedHelp.org. Simply describe your problem or concerns in detail, and a medical professional or expert on one of these sites answers your unique inquiry as soon as they can. In addition, the information you provide is not linked with your personal information in any way, and you can also browse the answers on the site that other users received for additional insight.

This service is available to people because the doctors that answer the questions volunteer their time freely to help people in need. Many of the medical professionals on these sites are standing by to answer your question in a matter of minutes, but it can take a few hours for a doctor to answer the question on certain times of the day or week.

There are a variety of sites to choose from to conveniently obtain medical information online, but they are all not reputable. Check to see if the website is operated by a trustworthy establishment before you take the advice. Although the advice given by medical professionals online can provide some assistance, see your personal doctor immediately if you are having serious, painful symptoms.