How Can You Manage Crohn's Disease Symptoms?


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People can manage the symptoms of Crohn's disease through medication and lifestyle changes, according to WebMD. The method that works best differs from person to person.

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How Can You Manage Crohn's Disease Symptoms?
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There are different medications that can be used to ease the symptoms. For example, steroids can reduce inflammation of the digestive tract and other areas affected. Other medications that can be used include those thatrelieve pain and suppress the immune system. Antibiotics are needed if the doctor suspects that an infection is present. Lifestyle changes can include adapting a low-fiber diet, eating smaller portions at one time, stopping smoking and exercising on a regular basis. Increasing fluid intake is also recommended to prevent dehydration.When a person suffers from Crohn's disease, they should talk to their doctor to find the treatment and options that work for their exact case, as each one differs. Most people will try more than one type of treatment.

In some cases, surgery is performedto ease issues associated with Crohn's. There is no cure for the disease, so most doctors aim to ensure the patient stays comfortable. Some of the most common symptoms that present include diarrhea and bowel obstructions. When left untreated, both of these can lead to more serious problems, such as dehydration.

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