How Can You Manage Anxiety Attacks?


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To manage anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks, try practicing relaxation techniques, exercising and confronting underlying fears, as instructed by PsychCentral.com. Understanding the workings of the mind and body during panic attacks is also beneficial.

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How Can You Manage Anxiety Attacks?
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Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose while keeping the chest still and counting to five, and release the breath through the nose at the same speed, focusing on the hands, as directed by PsychCentral.com. To relax the muscles, close the eyes while sitting or lying in a comfortable position, contracting and relaxing each part of the body starting at the toes and ending at the face. Complete these exercises for 10 minutes two times each day to help prevent and relieve panic attacks. Light aerobic exercise, walking, stretching and yoga can also help to calm a panic attack by occupying the mind and releasing endorphins.

Write in a journal before, during and after a panic attack to understand the thought processes that accompany an attack and to look for patterns, as instructed by PsychCentral.com. Join a support group or speak with a therapist to better understand the anxiety, and try practicing a paradoxical intention exercise. This involves intentionally triggering a panic attack using the feared thoughts or situations in order to conquer the fear.

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