Can a Man's Bladder Drop?


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Cystoceles -a condition characterized by the bladder descending into the vagina- is not a disorder from which men can suffer. Stressful conditions that affect the strength of the vaginal wall are the source of a descending bladder, explains WebMD.

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Can a Man's Bladder Drop?
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Urine collects in the bladder of the pelvic area and is discharged through the urethra. The front wall of the vagina supports the bladder; age and stressful conditions cause the vaginal wall to lose its ability to perform, states WebMD.

A major event that starts the deterioration of the vaginal wall is childbirth, states WebMD. Another major cause is menopause, when the body no longer produces estrogen -the hormone responsible for supplying strength and health to the vaginal muscles. Straining the pelvic area during constipation, prolonged coughing and heavy lifting can also cause cystoceles, according to eMedicine Health experts.

The four grades of cystoceles are categorized by the degree to which the bladder has prolapsed into the vagina. Grade 1 -mild cystoceles- describes the bladder descending into the vaginal area. In Grade 2 -moderate cystoceles- the bladder has reached the opening of the vagina. The bladder protrudes through the opening of the vagina in Grade 3 -severe cystoceles-, while Grade 4 -complete cystoceles- is marked by the bladder descending completely outside the vagina, explains WebMD.

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