How Can You Make Toothpaste?


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Make homemade toothpaste by mixing 2/3 cup baking soda, 1 teaspoon fine sea salt and 1 to 2 teaspoons peppermint extract or 10 to 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. After these ingredients are combined, add water until the toothpaste reaches the desired consistency, and store in a glass container.

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How Can You Make Toothpaste?
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Other recipes for homemade toothpaste include a coconut oil toothpaste made by combining 6 tablespoons coconut oil, 6 tablespoons baking soda, 25 drops of essential oil of your choice and 1 teaspoon Stevia. Add more Stevia if the toothpaste is too bitter. Any essential oil can be used and is a matter of personal taste, but eucalyptus and grapefruit are suggested. After mixing, store the toothpaste in a Mason jar.

Remineralizing toothpaste is made with 5 parts calcium powder, 2 parts baking soda and 3 to 5 parts coconut oil. Add xylitol powder to reduce the bitter taste of the toothpaste, essential oils for flavor and 1 part diatomaceous earth, although diatomaceous earth may be unnecessary in combination with the baking soda. Mix all of the powdered ingredients together, such as the calcium, baking soda and xylitol, and then add coconut oil slowly until a desired consistency is reached. Add the essential oils last. As with the other ingredients, this should be stored in a glass jar.

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