How Can You Make a Swollen Lip Go Away?


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A swollen lip can occur due to many different causes, such as an injury, insect bite, allergic reactions to foods or medications and underlying medical issues, notes MedicineNet. For swollen lips associated with causes, such as an injury, allergy or insect bite, some home remedies to help the swelling go down are a compress, over-the-counter medications and aloe vera, states WebMD.

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Making a cold compress by placing some ice in a clean towel may help lip inflammation due to insect bites or an injury. If someone has a swollen lip due to allergies, then an antihistamine maybe useful. A popular home remedy is to use aloe vera gel from a plant on the affected area. Another home remedy is to steep a teabag in hot water, allow it to cool down and then place it over the swelling.

When a swollen lip is a symptom of a more serious condition, such as anaphylaxis, infections or inflammatory issues, it can require medical treatment. Anaphylaxis, which causes swelling of the face and tongue, can be a life-threatening condition that needs prompt emergency care, states the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus.

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