Can I Make My Period Shorter?

Reducing stress, taking birth control, and regulating diet and exercise are all great ways to shorten the menstrual cycle, according to These practices can also reduce the intensity of menstruation.

The first way to reduce the length of the period is to take birth control pills, says Birth control pills regulate the menstrual cycle and typically cause the portion of the cycle associated with bleeding to shorten.

Diet and exercise can also play an important role in reducing the length of periods. A diet low in fat, sugar and processed foods most often results in a shorter, less severe period, claims In addition to a balanced diet, frequent exercise boosts the hormonal factors that effect period length and severity, and ultimately shortens the menstrual cycle.

Taking NSAIDs such as Aleve up to three days prior to the onset of the period helps to shorten the length of the period, according to LadyCareHealth. It also helps to relieve cramping.

A natural way to reduce the length of a period is raspberry tea leaf. It has essential compounds that are known to reduce period length as well as strengthen the uterus and lower blood sugar levels in women, according to LadyCareHealth.