How Can You Make Your Period Come Sooner or Later?

A woman can alter her menstruation cycle by deviating from the instructions associated with hormonal contraceptives, states a study conducted by the University of Oregon. By not following the instructions, a woman is capable of changing the amount of time between consecutive menstruation cycles.

Most instructions related to contraceptives state when and how often to take the medication. The University of Oregon states that decreasing the dose of a specific hormonal contraceptive can alter the time between menstruation cycles. Some packs of hormonal contraceptives include 21 active pills and seven inactive pills. A period occurs when the woman takes the inactive pills. Skipping the inactive pills and taking only the active pills prevents a period from occurring. In addition to birth-control pills, other hormonal contraceptives include vaginal rings and transdermal patches.

Medical experts state there is no harm in altering menstruation patterns, according to Mayo Clinic; however, it is recommended that women consult with their doctors prior to altering menstruation patterns. Benefits of delaying menstruation include decreased bloating, headache alleviation, and fewer mood swings. Doctors caution, however, that there are associated risks as well, including breakthrough bleeding. If this bleeding does not subside, a woman should seek medical attention immediately.