How Can You Make a Log Sheet for Monitoring Blood Pressure?


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The American Heart Association offers many free, easy-to-use, printable log sheets to help record blood pressure. The free logs are available in large print, booklet, and wallet-sized printables. Keeping a blood pressure log is an important step in maintaining heart health.

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A helpful blood pressure log records the details of a blood pressure monitoring session. Each session should include date and time of the session, the results of three consecutive blood pressure and pulse readings spaced one minute apart, and any notes pertaining to the session, such as location or recent activity. For an effective log, blood pressure monitoring sessions should occur as close to the same time of day as possible, and use the same equipment for each session. At least one session per day is recommended by the AHA.

Excel-compatible blood pressure logs can be downloaded from Vertex42.com. These logs can be edited to fit the user's specific needs, but include the components vital to an effective blood pressure log. If it is medically necessary to monitor blood pressure, a physician can prescribe an automatic blood pressure cuff. Manual blood pressure cuffs are equally effective. A medical technician, nurse, or physician should aid in patient education in regards to proper cuff placement for accurate readings. Keeping a log alongside the equipment used to read blood pressure helps ensure timely, accurate recording of data.

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