How Can I Make My Hips Smaller?


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Standing side kicks, side jumps, hip raises, traveling squat-kicks and leg raises slim the hips, according to Betsy Stephens for Fitness magazine. This workout of exercises is 10 minutes and should be done three times a week. Include five days of cardio in the regimen for best results.

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The standing side kick works the outer hips, inner thighs, quadriceps and glutes, notes Stephens. Begin the exercise by standing with feet hip-width apart and hands on hips, and then extend each leg to hip height. The leg should be extended in three full counts, 15 times on each side. Side jumps work inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and glutes. While hands are on the hips, hop three times to the left with the left knee slightly bent. The right foot is then brought down to the floor. This is done 15 times on each side. Hip raises exercise the hip flexors, outer thighs, glutes and outer hips and are done lying face up while slowly lifting the hips and extending each leg 10 times.

The traveling squat-kick works the quadriceps, thighs and glutes and is performed standing with hands on the hip while kicking the leg in an arc, and then bringing the foot down into a squat. Traveling squat-kicks are performed 15 times on each side. The leg raise involves getting on all fours and lifting each leg out to the side while keeping the knee bent at a 90-degree angle. The leg is quickly kicked in a diagonal direction behind the body to bring the heel upwards. The leg raise is performed 10 times on each side, explains Stephens.

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