How Can I Make My Feet Smaller?

can-make-feet-smaller Credit: Susana J Toledo/Moment/Getty Images

One of the ways to make a person's feet smaller is to lose weight through diet and exercise. A smaller shoe size may be one of the perks of shedding excess body fat, notes AZ Central. Another method some people use to reduce foot size is plastic surgery.

Excess fat in the body can travel to different parts of the body, including the feet. Obesity may cause some people to develop swelling of the feet due to a build up of fluid, notes AZ Central. Doing foot exercises along with general exercise may result in slimmer feet. Another benefit of losing excess fat and fluids in the feet is improved foot health.

Some people choose foot plastic surgery as a way to reduce foot size and fit into smaller shoes. Liposuction and toe shortening are two popular options, according to WebMD. It may be possible to either shorten or remove a toe, depending on whether or not the plastic surgeon approves. People opting for plastic surgery for feet beautification should note that the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society disapproves of any type of cosmetic foot surgery. This professional group is concerned about possible complications such as nerve damage, chronic pain while walking, bleeding and infection.