How Can You Make a Bathroom ADA Compliant?


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Whether someone is building a new bathroom or remodeling one, the most inexpensive and time effective way to make one ADA compliant is to go to the ADA.gov (Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act) website and review all of the guidelines for setting up a bathroom. By reviewing all of the requirements and guidelines in advance the person or business responsible for funding the project will save money and avoid the need to redo the process to meet ADA standards.

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If the designers of the project and the owners of the property can work out their details or blueprints prior to construction starting then the whole project will move faster. The inspectors will be able to easily check out the construction once it is ready and declare it ADA compatible. If the builder verifies all the measurements first, then if anything is off or the guidelines are changed while building is going on, it will be much easier to make those adjustments as they are needed. The guidelines on the ADA website cover grab bars, shower seats, mirrors and tub seats. All of these items have to be low enough that people in wheel chairs or with disabilities can use them, but also at a height that makes it possible for other people to use them as well.

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