What Can I Do to Make My Baby Move More in My Womb?

can-make-baby-move-womb Credit: ballyscanlon/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The easiest way to make a baby move in the uterus is to have a snack and relax while lying on one's side, according to What to Expect. The surge in blood sugar produced by a snack gives the baby a rush of energy that promotes movement. Ceasing one's own movement makes it easier for a woman to detect a baby's movement than being active.

The best time for a pregnant woman to experience baby movement is after she has settled down for the evening, according to What to Expect. Movement during the day often lulls a baby to sleep. Babies' movements during daytime are therefore typically less frequent than at night. Being nervous can also promote a baby's movement, as nervousness produces adrenalin, which in turn produces a similar reaction in the body as having a snack.

After the 28th week of pregnancy, fetal movements can be felt on a daily basis, according to What to Expect. A woman should lie down and have a snack twice a day after the 28th week to count fetal kicks. At least ten kicks should be felt per hour. If ten kicks are not felt in two hours, the woman should contact a midwife or doctor. While each baby is different, with some moving quite a bit more than others, movement should be tracked on a daily basis to ensure the baby's health.