How Can I Maintain My Current Weight?


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People who feel they are at their ideal healthy weight and would like to maintain it should incorporate plenty of nutritious foods into their diets, avoid high-calorie additives and follow a frequent workout schedule, according to Health. It also helps to drink lots of water.

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The key to avoiding weight gain is to watch one's caloric intake, explains Health. Constructing a detailed meal and fitness plan helps to keep people organized so they don't avoid workouts or healthy meals due to being too busy. Eating frequently throughout the day eliminates large gaps between meals or snacks that allow a person to become too hungry and overeat.

Every meal should be composed of at least half fruits, vegetables and other whole foods to nourish the body with nutritious options. Eating meals slowly gives the body time to feel the effects of the food and develop a sensation of being full. People should fill their homes with healthy options so they are easily available when hunger strikes. Occasionally choosing to forgo high-calorie extras such as dressings, sauces, cheeses and spreads can help to keep caloric intake low. It may help to create a motivational display and place it where it is easily seen as a reminder of why it is important to stick to one's goals.

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