How Can Maca Root Help Fertility?


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Maca root can help fertility by improving the reproductive organs of both genders, increasing stamina, providing nutrients to the body and increasing sexual frequency, according to HowStuffWorks. Maca root is also a natural aphrodisiac, and it contains sterols and prostaglandins, both of which may enhance sexual desire.

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HowStuffWorks mentions that black hypocotyls of the maca root has more of an effect on male fertility. A study confirmed that maca root enhances sperm and semen motility. Another study showed that maca root can stop spermatogenic disruption, which is caused by exposure to lead. A study related to the maca root's effects on females revealed that the yellow maca extract increased fertility in female mice. Maca root is especially helpful to women because it provides iron, which is normally depleted during pregnancy. Healthy doses of iron in the blood are also important for females before conception.

WebMD claims that maca root also alleviates menopausal symptoms. The plant can also heal hormonal imbalances in both genders.

HowStuffWorks adds that maca root also provides iodine, and it boosts the immune system. It also reduces lethargy and fatigue.

About.com reports a 2008 study showing that the maca root can heal sexual problems caused by selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, which are drugs that treat depression. The same study also showed that maca root can enhance libido.

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