Where Can You Find a Lymphocytic Colitis Diet List?


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While doctors typically don't prescribe a specific diet to patients with lymphocytic colitis, spicy foods can exacerbate the inflammation and diarrhea associated with the disease, according to Everyday Health. Because lactose intolerance can also aggravate the condition, MedicineNet.com recommends a trial period of eating no dairy products.

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Where Can You Find a Lymphocytic Colitis Diet List?
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In addition, ingestion of caffeine and fatty foods can also make symptoms worse, as WebMD explains. Those with lymphocytic colitis, which is a type of microscopic colitis, are also advised to stay away from NSAIDs such as aspirin, some antidepressants and heartburn drugs. Lymphocytic colitis results in watery diarrhea along with associated pain, cramps and bloating. It is typically treated successfully with over-the-counter or prescription antidiarrhea medication.

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