Where Can You Go for Lung Scarring Treatment?


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The Cleveland Clinic and Duke Medicine can treat lung scarring, notes their websites. Scarring of lungs leads to pulmonary fibrosis, which thickens the lung tissue including the alveoli, states Mayo Clinic. As a result, oxygen does not pass into the bloodstream.

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Symptoms of lung scarring include a dry cough, lasting tiredness, weight loss and shortness of breath, says Cleveland Clinic. Causes include extensive exposure to silica or grain dust and asbestos fibers. A history of smoking may also lead to lung scarring, notes Mayo Clinic. Diagnosing the condition in its early stages allows the patient to start immunosuppressant medication and steroids, quit smoking, change eating habits and reduce exposure to the environmental toxins. If left unattended, lung scarring is only treatable by a lung transplant, notes Duke Medicine.

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