How Can You Lower Your Blood Sugar?


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The quickest way to lower blood sugar for diabetics is mealtime insulin. For non-diabetics, the fastest option is a lot of physical activity, according to Diabetes Forecast. Also, a simple dietary change such as replacing white bread with oatmeal greatly reduces blood sugars, says WebMD.

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How Can You Lower Your Blood Sugar?
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Diabetics who take mealtime insulin are prescribed doses that will adjust their glucose levels to normal ranges. Still, success in lowering blood sugars is contingent on the individual understanding when to inject the insulin, how often doses should occur, and how much insulin should be injected. Physicians and diabetes educators should always be consulted prior to beginning an insulin regime, states Diabetes Forecast.

Strenuous physical activity also greatly reduces blood sugar levels for both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. Exercise increases bodily sensitivity to insulin and causes muscle cells to use more glucose. Consequently, less glucose is left to circulate in the bloodstream both during and after exercise, according to Diabetes Forecast.

Lastly, both diabetics and non-diabetics may experience reductions in blood sugar levels from simple dietary changes. Recently, coffee and cinnamon have been found to reduce the risk of diabetes or help improve blood sugar levels. Additionally, oatmeal is high in soluble fiber and digests slowly in the body, thus controlling blood sugar in the body over time and helping an individual feel fuller longer. Foods high in soluble fiber help to reduce weight, which in turn significantly improves glucose control, states WebMD.

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