Where Can You Find a Low-Fat Diet Food List?

Where Can You Find a Low-Fat Diet Food List?

The American Cancer Society publishes recommendations for low-fat food choices on its website (cancer.org), as of 2015. Its current dietary recommendation is for a diet that derives 30 percent or less of its calories from fats.

Recommended low-fat dairy and dairy-like foods on the American Cancer Society's list include low-fat, skim or fat-free cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and egg substitutes or egg whites. Sherbet, low-fat or fat-free frozen yogurt, gelatin ices and sorbets are also suggested along with light or fat-free cream cheese or American cheese.

Fish for low-fat dieters includes shrimp, white fish, crab or light tuna that is packed in water, not oil. Extra-lean ground beef, turkey breast or ground round are all suitable meat or poultry choices. Turkey or chicken breast or lean cuts of meat are likewise recommended.

Low-fat crackers, grits, oatmeal, rice, whole-wheat tortillas, bread and noodles are ideal options when cutting fat. Fruits, vegetables and fruit or vegetables juices are also good options for low-fat diets.

Baked potato or tortilla chips, vanilla wafers, gelatin and low-fat microwave popcorn are recommended snack foods. When selecting condiments, fat-free or reduced-fat salad dressings and mayonnaise along with light margarine can reduce overall fat intake. Cooking and baking with nonstick cooking spray can also eliminate some fat.