How Can Low Diastolic Blood Pressure Be Treated?


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Treatment for low blood pressure may include adding salt to the diet, the infusion of fluids via an intravenous line or medication to treat the underlying cause of the low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is generally only treated if it is causing symptoms or if blood pressure drops rapidly, according to WebMD.

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Low blood pressure treatment is based on the underlying cause, states WebMD. For instance, if an infection is causing low blood pressure, antibiotics may be prescribed, or if diarrhea and vomiting are the cause of an extreme drop in blood pressure, medications to improve those symptoms may also improve low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure and its symptoms, including dizziness, can often be prevented with a few simple measures, as noted by WebMD. Standing up slowly, decreasing or avoiding intake of alcohol, drinking more water, limiting or eliminating caffeine from the diet, and wearing special compression stockings can all help to prevent low blood pressure from occurring.

When lightheadedness or dizziness occur, lying or sitting down for a few minutes can also help. Sitting down and putting the head between the knees may help to raise blood pressure and treat low blood pressure symptoms, according to WebMD.

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