Can Low Blood Platelet Counts Be Reversed With Changes in Diet?


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Some diets are theorized to help increase blood platelet counts in instances of low platelet levels, according to the Platelet Disorder Support Association. These dietary changes interact varyingly with platelet counts and are not universally applicable, and the level of research done on each individual diet varies considerably.

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Can Low Blood Platelet Counts Be Reversed With Changes in Diet?
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Elimination of quinine, aspartame and alcohol from an individual's diet is thought to help bolster platelet counts. Quinine is often found in bitter lemon and in related fluids, and it is also a key component in tonic water. Aspartame is commonly found in sweetened drinks and sodas. These three substances can reduce platelet counts regardless of other health issues, and their elimination can help to restore those levels.

Inflammation is a leading cause of autoimmune disorders, which can interfere with platelet counts and leave the body extremely vulnerable to infection and disease. Anti-inflammatory diets are said to target these disorders and help to reverse them or to stave them off before they occur.

Macrobiotic diets are also said to help improve platelet counts by balancing body chemistry. While research is inconclusive, cutting down on animal products such as meat and dairy and instead emphasizing the role of beans and vegetables can help some people maintain a healthier lifestyle that promotes higher blood platelet numbers and helps ward off declines or reverses them.

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