Where Can You Find Love Compatibility Quizzes?


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Love compatibility quizzes are most easily found in magazines and online through websites such as LoveTest.com, Psychology Today and MarriageHelper.com. Love compatibility tests range in variety from extensive and serious to light-hearted and cheesy.

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Where Can You Find Love Compatibility Quizzes?
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LoveTest.com is a compatibility test for people who believe in numerology, the meaning of a name, astrological compatibility and zodiac signs. This website has one of the oldest tests, having been online 19 years as of February 2015. This website offers several basic compatibility tests.

Psychology Today's Love Diagnostic Test has 32 questions and takes around 20 minutes to complete. It is more thorough than the average online compatibility test. This test assesses various factors such as trust, conflict resolution, security and sexual compatibility. The questions present a scenario with options. People taking the test only get accurate results if they answer honestly. The test reveals strengths and weaknesses for free. However, full results and a breakdown of the interpretation are only available upon paying a fee.

For those who are already married, the MarriageHelper.com marriage compatibility test offers 15 questions. The questions analyze intimacy, passion and commitment. The test was developed by Dr. Robert Sternberg of Yale University.

For other love compatibility tests, visit Cosmopolitan magazine or its website. Cosmopolitan evaluates everything from compatibility and sex life to the style of hair that works best on an individual.

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