What Can Loss of Balance and Dizziness Indicate?


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Loss of balance and dizziness may indicate a condition known as labyrinthitis, according to Healthline. Labyrinthitis is a disease of the inner ear in which the nerve that detects head movement becomes inflamed, causing dizziness, loss of balance and nausea.

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What Can Loss of Balance and Dizziness Indicate?
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If a person is a diabetic and experiences dizziness and loss of balance, then she may be suffering from hypoglycemia, according to Healthline. This is a very serious condition in which a diabetic's blood sugar falls below a healthy level. Urgent care is required in these cases.

Another cause of dizziness and loss of balance could be hypotension, which is a condition where a person's blood pressure becomes too low, states Healthline. Along with feeling dizzy, the condition could cause loss of consciousness and may be the result from an underlying condition. Likewise, high blood pressure also causes a person to feel dizzy and lose balance, and if left untreated, leads to damage of a person's blood vessels.

A person who is feeling dizzy and unable to keep her balance may also be suffering from a heart attack, according to Healthline. Along with the previous symptoms, a person experiencing a heart attack may report pain in the chest, shortness of breath and have a slight blue tint to the skin or lips. This is a very serious condition, and anyone reporting these symptoms should seek immediate emergency help.

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