How Can I Lose Weight Really Fast?


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If you're trying to lose weight quickly, follow a diet and exercise program with the aim of losing 1 to 2 pounds per week by burning 500 calories more per day than you consume. Such a diet involves replacing high-calorie food with lower-calorie alternatives and increasing your daily activity. According to the Mayo Clinic, losing more than 1 to 2 pounds per week is dangerous.

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  1. Eat healthy food

    Emphasize lean meats, vegetables and fish over saturated fats, sugars and starch. Reducing salt intake decreases water weight temporarily, although it does not decrease body fat.

  2. Drink lots of water

    To account for the loss of fluids from decreased food intake, be sure to remain hydrated by drinking water.

  3. Change eating habits

    Small dieting tweaks help dieters lose weight more quickly. Try eating a full breakfast, throwing away unhealthy foods and ordering smaller portions when eating out.

  4. Change exercise habits

    Small changes in exercise are also beneficial for rapid weight loss. Add in a few minutes of isometric exercises when possible, listen to more energetic music while exercising, and try new exercises like Zumba or yoga to stimulate your metabolism.

  5. Keep a log

    Maintain a food diary to keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise. Take note of the circumstances and emotions that increase or decrease unhealthy behaviors.

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