How Can I Lose Weight Quickly and Without Exercise?


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Whole and natural foods cause the body to lose weight. Carbohydrates and processed foods should be eliminated from diet plans. Drink water instead of sodas and juices.

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Other liquids that store fat include lattes, diet sodas and alcohol. Coffee and black teas can be consumed in moderation, and these drinks provide energy. Drinking cold water speeds up the metabolism and forces the body to lose weight. Eat water-based fruits and vegetables to remain full and reduce cravings.

Fat-burning foods are available to people who don't want to exercise. Whole grains and brown rice are hearty foods that burn calories, and they are packed with fibers that keep the stomach full. Dark chocolate provides energy for the body. Peppers, cinnamon and garlic are warming foods that naturally burn calories.

Dieters are allowed to have a cheat day and can eat their favorite foods one day a week. Having a cheat day speeds up the metabolism to help the body burn more fat. Dieters need to portion out meals and count calories to remain consistent.

Everyday activities, such as shopping or dancing, can burn calories. Relaxing reduces stress in the body, which is a factor that causes weight gain. Getting more sleep reduces excess calories. People who sleep less tend to eat more, and they gain more weight because the body does not function as efficiently.

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