How Can You Lose Weight Overnight?

To lose weight overnight, reduce your sodium intake, perform a cardiovascular workout, eat a high protein and fiber diet the day before, drink plenty of water and consume natural diuretics. The weight lost is primarily water weight because fat loss can't be accomplished overnight.

Cardiovascular exercise burns fat and boosts the metabolism. It sheds water weight through sweat and burns toxins that could cause water retention. Cardiovascular exercises include running, bicycling and kickboxing. Work out for 30 to 60 minutes.

Limit sodium consumption because it causes water retention. Avoid sugar as it increases fat storage. Eat high-protein foods because protein boosts the metabolism. Fiber increases the efficiency of the digestive tract.

Drink more water than usual to lose weight overnight. The body stores more water when it isn't getting a sufficient amount. Increasing water intake causes the body to get rid of its excess water. Diuretics cause the body to shed water weight. Use natural diuretics for safety reasons. These include fruits, vegetables and herbs such as garlic, parsley, fennel and ginger. Other natural diuretics are oats, green tea, and carrot or lemon juice. The exact amount of weight lost varies based on your water level, but the average person can expect to lose up to 3 pounds overnight.