Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?


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It's possible to lose weight without formal exercise by performing everyday tasks vigorously, using the stairs, improving posture, carrying groceries and using an exercise ball instead of a desk chair. These tasks can burn the same amount of calories as a one-hour aerobics class.

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Turning on music to increase the intensity of everyday tasks such as walking the dog and vacuuming can help burn calories. Using the stairs instead of the elevator helps burns calories by forcing the body to move its weight against gravity. Stepping up and down on the curb while waiting for the bus, or stepping in place while filling the gas tank, is also effective.

Improve posture while burning calories by doing shoulder girdle crunches. Stand or sit with the arms relaxed at the sides with palms facing forward, and squeeze the shoulder blades together as if holding a pen between them vertically. Each shoulder girdle crunch should be held for six seconds and repeated 12 times.

Carrying balanced grocery bags in each hand on multiple trips acts as lifting dumbbells. Carrying smaller suitcases instead of one large one provides the same effect. Replacing a desk chair with an exercise ball requires the body to use its core muscles to stay upright, which burns calories while sitting.

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