Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga?


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Various forms of yoga can promote weight loss when practiced frequently and in conjunction with healthy dietary habits, according to WebMD. Lighter forms of yoga help to increase a person's body-mind connection so they make healthier food choices, while more strenuous yoga practices are effective aerobic workouts.

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Yoga techniques vary widely, and practitioners can customize them to match each individual's personal health and fitness goals, explains WebMD. People may practice lighter forms of yoga with methodical, static movements for the calming and meditative effects that the exercise offers in a effort to simply minimize stress levels. These techniques still burn calories during each session, but the weight loss occurs slower than yoga practices that incorporate advanced moves performed in rapid succession. Some professionals debate the calorie-burning potential of yoga, but overall experts consider it a healthy form of exercise that certainly helps to stretch muscles and develop a toned physique. Yoga does not replace a strenuous cardiovascular workout program, but it makes an excellent supplement to a well-balanced approach to physical fitness and heart health. Those practicing yoga should focus on the calming mental and emotional effects that it offers and work to develop an inner stillness, calmness, patience and clarity through the exercises.

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