How Can You Lose Weight Despite Eating Unhealthy Cafeteria Food?


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According to WebMD, weight loss occurs as a result of simple math. As long as more calories are burned than are consumed over a sustained period of time, a person will lose weight. Eating cafeteria food doesn't necessarily prevent a person from losing weight.

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WebMD states that a person can lose between 1 to 2 pounds per week if he is able to burn 500 more calories than he eats every day. This can be achieved either by decreasing the amount of calories consumed or by increasing the number of calories expended through physical activity. The fastest results can be yielded by incorporating a combination of the two approaches. Any sustained caloric deficit will result in weight loss. Cafeteria food may not offer the best nutritional variety, so it would be advisable for a person to bring his own lunch whenever possible.

The body is best capable of losing weight when it receives an appropriate amount of nutrients. WebMD notes that the digestive system and fat burning mechanisms in the body rely on a variety of vitamins and minerals. In order for the body to work at its peak performance, it's necessary to provide it with the best fuel possible. A diet rich in large quantities of vegetables, a moderate amount of lean proteins and some fruits is the best way of feeding the body the nutrients it needs.

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