How Can You Lose Weight After a Hysterectomy?


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After a hysterectomy, a patient must focus on better nutrition, exercise and stress reduction to reverse the weight gain associated with this procedure, as stated by WebMD. It is wise to build these good habits before getting a hysterectomy.

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To reduce stress and prevent weight problems, a hysterectomy patient must simplify and prioritize things in her life and get rid of unnecessary activities, as recommended by WebMD. With this free time, she should pursue rest, relation, quiet time, and time with family and friends.

The patient should focus on eating colorful vegetables for their antioxidants and should eat more whole grains and legumes as well as healthy sources of lean protein and fats, advises WebMD. In general, she should consume fats from fish or vegetable sources and avoid trans and saturated fats. A calcium supplement or dairy products helps to prevent loss of bone density.

Regular aerobic exercise aids in the reduction of body fat, builds stronger bones, and improves cardiovascular function and sleep quality, notes WebMD. To lose weight, cardio exercise sessions must be longer than 20 minutes. Weight lifting builds muscle, thus burning more calories and aiding in fat loss. It also improves strength and posture. Yoga or pilates can also be incorporated to improve balance and flexibility in older hysterectomy patients.

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