How Can You Lose Belly Fat in a Week?


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To lose belly fat in a week, conduct circuit training, work abdominal muscles, eat natural foods, lower sodium intake and reduce stress. Doing all of these things helps to develop a flatter stomach, according to Purvaja Sawant, author for The Times of India.

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Sawant explains that circuit training involves full-body exercises, such as lunges, pull-ups and push-ups, for one complete set of 15 repetitions three days a week. After each exercise, jump rope for one minute. This helps to burn up to 600 calories per workout. Concentrate on abdominal muscles during workouts by doing crunches and leg raises for three complete sets of 20 repetitions. Additionally, do four sets of planking for at least 30 seconds per plank.

Eat natural foods, such as beef, fish, fruits, chicken, vegetables, whole grain bread and dairy, according to Sawant. Avoid processed foods. Avoid salt, and use other herbs and spices to flavor food because salt leads to water retention, which keeps bellies from getting as flat as possible.

Avoid stress whenever possible, advises Sawant. Both stress and anxiety make the body produce too much cortisol, which can lead to weight gain in the belly. It's also important to note that one week isn't enough time to fully reduce belly fat, but following these exercises, reducing stress and modifying the diet can help reduce the total percentage of body fat.

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