How Can You Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days?

How Can You Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days?

To successfully lose weight, you need a strong desire and a solid plan. Don’t weigh yourself every day because the water your body holds and how that changes will fluctuate the number on the scale. Develop a little self-motivation and an exercise regime and get started.

  1. Exercise regularly

    It is recommended that you exercise at least three times per week with every session lasting at least 30 minutes. To effectively lose weight and shape up, make sure you have a combination of cardio and resistance training. Do cardio every day. Running, cycling, tennis, swimming and aerobic dancing all count as great cardio workouts. Only weight train every other day so your muscles have time to repair.

  2. Drink water

    Drink at least two glasses of water before each meal. It will help you feel fuller faster and result in you eating less. Always make sure you’re hydrated, especially when you work out and move more. It’s great for the body and helps your complexion too.

  3. Eliminate processed foods

    Eat a diet of fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Processed foods (anything that is packaged) are often full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are unhealthy for your body. Avoid fast food restaurants as much as possible.

  4. Sleep

    Get plenty of rest. Your body is still burning calories and you will feel more rested and energized after a good night’s sleep. Feeling rested makes it easier and more fun to stick to a weight-loss plan.