How Can You Lose 10 Pounds Safely?


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Some suggestions to help people safely lose 10 pounds include more eating vegetables, drinking a lot of water, removing tempting foods from home, not skipping meals and avoiding grazing. The most basic formula for weight loss is eating less caloric foods and exercising more frequently, so more calories are burned than are consumed.

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For people trying to lose 10 pounds safely, eating more vegetables is helpful because vegetables are low in calories and make people feel fuller. Removing high-calorie foods, such as salty snacks or candy, from the home is helpful because it prevents people from being tempted and binging during moments of weakness. It is also important to avoid skipping meals when trying to lose weight because it could cause people to eat more calories than they should because of hunger. Grazing refers to snacking outside of pre-planned meals. To lose weight effectively, it is recommended to only eat from a plate when eating at a table.

Another recommendation for losing 10 pounds is to minimize the amount of simple carbohydrates, added sugars and animal fats from one's diet. The best foods for dieting include fruits, vegetables, egg whites, soy products and skinless chicken breasts. Other options include fish and shellfish, lean meats and non-fat dairy products.

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