How Can You Lose 10 Lbs Fast?

How Can You Lose 10 Lbs Fast?

To lose 10 pounds fast, make a workout and diet plan, eat healthier meals, keep track of what you eat and exercise daily. Losing weight is not easy, but altering negative lifestyle choices can produce quick results.

  1. Make a plan

    It is possible to safely lose 10 pounds in three weeks. On average, you should try to burn 500 more calories than you eat every day. Try to make a diet and exercise plan that allows you to meet or surpass that goal.

  2. Fix your diet

    Eliminate any fatty meats or dairy products from your diet. Eat foods with plenty of fiber, such as pinto beans, peas or fiber-enriched bread. Fruits and vegetables should become staples in your meals, and you can supplement them with skinless poultry, seafood, 95% lean meats and soy products.

  3. Start a food journal

    Keeping track of what you eat is an effective way to stay on track. Write down what you eat, and also write down how you felt at the time. Try to see if there is any correlation between your eating habits and your mood. Resist eating because you're bored or feeling down.

  4. Work out

    In order to burn 500 calories each day, you need to do cardiovascular exercises for at least 30 minutes every day. Incorporate strength training a few hours per week.