How Can the Liver Be Cleansed Naturally?


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Some of the ways to cleanse the liver naturally include fasting, restricting food intake over a period of time, eating certain foods that are friendly to the liver and avoiding consumption of harmful substances. The liver is the largest internal body organ and helps the body eliminate harmful substances, stores energy and digests food, according to the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus.

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Eating certain foods can be an ideal technique in ensuring it is cleansed of toxic substances. Foods like garlic, carrots, beets, apples, avocados and green vegetables produce various substances that help the liver in detoxing. Drinks such as green tea and lemon juice also contain substances, such as vitamin C, which protect the liver and reduce inflammation.

Another way to ensure the liver is cleansed is by fasting or keeping away from food for a limited period of time. Fasting should be done according to instructions of a qualified health professional since prolonged fasting may result into harmful effects to people with chronic diseases, pregnant women or those with a weak immune system.

For those who do not wish to fast, an alternative would be to restrict the amount of food they consume. A person consuming a little amount of food during a limited period of time allows the liver to effectively get rid of toxins. Avoiding consumption of substances such as alcohol can also give the liver ample time to get rid of excessive toxins, according to Liver Support.

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