Can You Live a Normal Life With a Premature Heartbeat?


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People with a premature heartbeat that has no identifiable cause are likely to lead a normal life since the condition clears up over time, states the American Heart Association. A doctor recommends a treatment option if a cause is found. In many cases, the condition usually has no cause; however, sometimes it occurs due to heart injury or a disease.

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Premature heartbeats cause a change in heart rhythm, but this has no effect on people with healthy hearts, explains WebMD; there is no need for treatment. If the condition comes with symptoms, such as fainting, dizziness or lightheadedness, it is necessary to talk to a doctor. Patients suffering from heart problems, such as heart disease or heart failure, should seek medical attention if a premature heartbeat occurs. It could be an indication of severe heart rhythm.

Many people experience premature heartbeats, and this condition is common in teenagers and normal children, according to the American Heart Association. In a premature heartbeat, an extra beat comes early than normal, causing a pause that leads to a more forceful beat. This stronger beat creates the feeling the heart has skipped a beat. This can happen in the upper chambers or the lower chambers of the heart.

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