Where Can You Find Lists of Foods to Avoid for Migraines?


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Some resources that give information on foods to avoid for migraines are websites dedicated to health care, such as WebMD or MedlinePlus. These websites include both lists of foods that can help avoid migraines and ways to track personal migraine triggers.

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Where Can You Find Lists of Foods to Avoid for Migraines?
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WebMD has a comprehensive list of foods to avoid if you suffer from migraines. It lists cheese, artificial foods and anything cold as common migraine triggers. These foods are on the list because they may affect blood vessels in the head, leading to migraine attacks. In addition, WebMD suggests keeping a food diary to determine what foods and experiences may be factors in causing migraines. Environmental factors can also play a role in developing migraine headaches.

MedlinePlus also has lists and links to other resources involving foods and migraines. Its list is similar to WebMD's and contains processed foods, salty foods, fruits and dairy. MedlinePlus also provides links to other online health resources that could have further information on foods that trigger migraines. MedlinePlus emphasizes keeping track of warning signs of migraines and trying to connect them to recently eaten foods.

Overall, both resources emphasize connecting specific foods to specific symptoms to begin the path to completely avoiding migraines in the future.

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