Where Can You Find a List of Low-Carb Foods?


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The Atkins diet website features an extensive list of low-carb foods acceptable to eat during phase one of its plan. Individuals who enjoy working out can check out the list of 40 low-carb food items compiled by Bodybuilding.com. The For Dummies website features a cheat sheet listing of low-carb foods that are essential to have on hand when preparing low-carb meals.

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Planning low-carb meals is easier when consulting a list of low-carb food groups. There is a wide selection of meats, poultry and fish available to eat, because these foods don't contain any carbs. Meats such as bacon and ham are processed with sugar or salt, which make them marginal choices at best. Ideal meat proteins include chicken drumsticks, roast beef, pork tenderloin and canned salmon. Eggs are another low-carb protein that can be enjoyed all sorts of ways.

Many vegetables are suitable for low-carb meals, but some vegetables have twice the amount of carbs than others. Vegetables on the low end of the carb scale include alfalfa sprouts, bok choy, raw spinach and turnip greens. On the high end of the scale are Brussels sprouts, garlic and cooked tomatoes. Grains to have on hand include oatmeal, quinoa, long-grain rice, cornmeal and whole-grain pasta.

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