Where Can You Find a List of Iron-Enriched Foods?


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An article on About.com has a list of iron-enriched or iron-fortified foods, which includes instant oatmeal, grits, ready-to-eat cereals, baby cereals, Iron Kids bread, pasta and iron-fortified formulas. A U.S. Health News article also lists some brands of iron-fortified, low-sugar cereals and oatmeal, which are healthier for children's diets.

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Iron-enriched foods are good for helping kids avoid an iron deficiency, especially since foods naturally rich in iron, such as liver, oyster and lentils, are not usually appealing to young children.

When buying iron-fortified products, check the Percent Daily Value (%DV) of iron on the food label. A product providing 10 to 19 %DV for iron is considered a good source of iron. This %DV, however, is based on the recommended daily intake of iron for adults, which is 18 milligrams. For toddlers, the recommended daily intake is only 7 to 10 milligrams of iron.

Consider also that the type of iron found in iron-enriched foods and in plant foods is nonheme iron. Unlike heme iron, which is found in animal food products, nonheme iron is not absorbed completely by the body. To enhance the absorption of nonheme iron, it is recommended that foods rich in vitamin C are eaten alongside iron-rich foods

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