Where Can You Find a List of Good Carbohydrates?


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Lists of good carbohydrates are found on websites promoting healthy eating, such as Freedieting.com and GoodCarbs.org. More in-depth information is also available at some university websites, such as Harvard's School of Public Health, and on some insurance-related websites, like Group Health.

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Where Can You Find a List of Good Carbohydrates?
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The Free Dieting website offers diet plans, tips for losing weight, calorie calculators and almost any other tool needed to maintain a healthy body weight. Its web page "Carbohydrate Foods for Fat Loss," has information on the types of carbs available and how to choose the right one. It uses an inverted "good carb pyramid" to accompany the list of both good and bad carbohydrates. The user clicks on the highlighted items to get more information.

The Good Carbs website has a short list, but it does give information on the difference between good and bad carbs, why people should eat some carbs, and how to incorporate carbs into the diet. The Harvard University website is also more essay than list, but it does have a handy list of tips on how to incorporate carbs in the diet, and why. The Group Health site explains how carbs are metabolized by the body, along with some caloric information for the different food groups.

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