Where Can You Find a List of Foods Suitable for the Blood-Type O Diet?


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One of the sites where a list of foods suitable for the blood-type O diet can be found is livestrong.com. Another site is mindbodyspiritwellness.net. Dr. D'Adamo wrote a book about the blood-type diet, and information about the diet can be accessed on his website at dadamo.com.

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Dr. D'Adamo says that blood type O is older than all the other blood types. As a result of the higher stomach acid levels of this blood type, animal meats and proteins are digested more efficiently than in people with other blood types. This blood type group thrives on animal proteins and should maintain an energetic physical exercise program.

The theory is that blood type Os retain the physiology of their early ancestors who were hunters and gatherers and sustained themselves on a high-protein diet. Heightened physical activity level was also necessary for survival.

The ideal source of fuel for the type O person is protein rather than sugar. When their diets primarily consists of protein as a fuel source, they should drop body fat and sustain lean body frames. They also should lose weight more efficiently when they eliminate grains, breads, legumes and beans. The gluten in wheat reduces the effectiveness of insulin in the body and causes the metabolism to become slower.

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