Where Can You Find a List of Foods to Avoid With Tinnitus?


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Large amounts of salt, saturated and trans-fats, simple sugars and alcohol are items that should be avoided while maintaining tinnitus, according to TinnitusFormula.com. Reducing or eliminating the consumption of pre-packaged foods, fast foods and processed foods is also recommended.

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Excess salt reduces blood flow to the ears, eyes and brain while increasing blood pressure, directly linked to tinnitus, explains Arches Natural Products, Inc. Many people report a lessening of tinnitus sound with reduced salt intake. A sugar metabolism disorder, known as hyperinsulinemia, has shown in studies to affect 84 to 92 percent of tinnitus sufferers. Avoiding refined sugar and simple carbohydrates, restricting fatty foods, drinking no more than two cups of coffee daily, and limiting alcoholic beverages shows improvements from moderate to complete resolution of tinnitus.

Sugar substitutes, the worst considered to be Aspartame, can lead to neuro-degenerative conditions including tinnitus, as noted by Arches Natural Products, Inc. MSG, which breaks down to glutamate in the body, is the primary cause of tinnitus for many people. It floods the neuron receptors in the auditory pathway causing them to fire continuously, damaging the neurons. This can lead to tinnitus and hearing loss. Also, saturated and trans-fats foods cause high blood pressure, reducing blood flow to the inner ear, and may result in tinnitus.

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