Where Can You Find a List of Foods to Avoid for Liver Problems Online?


Websites such as the National Liver Foundation, British Liver Trust and The Health Site provide lists of foods that should be avoided by those with liver problems. These websites also suggest healthy food choices that promote liver health.

Those with liver problems should avoid foods such as bacon, sausage, deli meats, canned vegetables and vegetable juice, frozen dinners, packaged snack foods, and soy, barbecue and teriyaki sauces. Alcohol should also be avoided. Specific diet restrictions depend largely on a person's overall liver condition or disease.

Generally, however, those suffering from liver conditions should avoid foods high in sodium to avoid fluid retention which leads to swelling in the body. A healthy diet aids in the regeneration of liver cells and the treatment of some liver disease. Those with poorly functioning livers should adopt a varied diet to keep their liver working at optimal levels.

People with liver conditions should first consult with their physicians for specific diet recommendations and restrictions. A physician may also advise a patient suffering from liver problems how much liquid they should consume on a daily basis in order to discourage fluid retention. Those with liver conditions should also consult with a physician to determine how much protein they should consume daily.